A Day of Genius Flight

Altogether was a pretty good day!

The first thing we did was take a walk in the park. The walk felt very long and hot but it’s good to exercise.

When we got back from the walk, we ate our snack, and Ms. Shelia Banks came to the room and taught us about flight and force. She explained the process of lift and pull, and how the air plane flies. After she finished her lesson, we all created paper air planes and tested them out. It actually turns out the ones that where thicker or wider didn’t really fly as well.

After testing out our paper planes, we walked back to the park and ate our lunch. We stayed there for a while, then it started to rain. When we got back we worked on our genius hour project. We had present them like a version of “shark tank”. Each group stood infront of the class and explained their project. Ms. Tinashe and the volunteers helped us to decide if our projects were okay and how we could improve on them.

We learned and did a lot in one day!

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