A Genius Adventure to Outer Space

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Today was an adventure!

When we came inside the classroom, we got computers and played on them. Then, we took an hour drive to the NASA museum.

There, we learned about the parts of a rocket. We got in a rocket simulation, and we were able to see how it would be to land a rocket. It turns out, controlling a rocket is very difficult. A rocket is so much more sensitive than a plane, and it could be very overwhelming because one move too far could mean life or death.

Before lunch, some¬†people came in and explained their jobs to us. One guy, named Shea LeSieur, is a race car driver. He’s a dirt racer, which has more risk than racing on cement. When driving on dirt, the drag, or sliding, is more dangerous, and the cars have a better chance of crashing.

Then, two people who work for a buisness that flies through storms and hurricanes to see how they will turn out came and talked to us. They track the storm/hurricane course to make sure no one has to be evacuated.


After lunch, we went back to the camp. Today was very tiring, but we learned a lot.

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