A Step into History

When we first got to the room this morning, we took time and played on our computers. Today, we had a field trip to the World War II Museum. Before we left we watched a seven minute video about what we would see at the museum.

When we got inside, we all simultaneously looked up in awe of the gigantic fighter planes hanging above us. A volunteer told us about the history of the museum. It actually turns out the museum opened on the same day the World War II began. After his speech, Ms. Tinashe gave each group a scavenger hunt packet so we could find information around the museum.

We went all around the museum and learned about the history of the brave men who fought for our country. When we walked into the plane exhibit, we were introduced to a soldier that fought in the war. He showed us the type of plane he flew, some of his family, and more. After the planes, We went to an exhibit about the German’s play in the war. We saw pictures of Hitler and the Nazi’s, and we learned that Hitler committed suicide.

At the end of the tour, we watched a movie about the entire war. It was in 4-D, so the chairs moved and there was steam! We learned about the weapons, enemies, allies, and fellow brothers who fought along side our heroes. Leaving we have witnessed the power and struggle everyone went through to make this a free, independent country. We all can’t wait for our next field trip!

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