Learning by doing is the primary method of instruction at the Learning Lab. Hands-on activities and projects can engage learners who struggle with traditional instruction.

Problem-Based Learning

Problem-based learning (PBL) is a part of every student program at the Learning Lab. Today’s learners must be able to work with others to solve complex real-life problems.


Learning Lab programs utilize the latest technology including Chromebooks and mobile devices. 21st century learners must be proficient with a variety of tech tools.

Field Trips/Travel

Beyond teachers and textbooks, educational travel makes learning more interesting for Learning Lab program participants, introducing students to new communities and cultures.


Offering children choices within educational experiences is important to spark curiosity and engagement. Many Learning Lab activities are driven by student choice from start to finish.

Physical Activity

Daily physical activity is a part of all Learning Lab programs. Exercise improves the health of children’s bodies, and  increases short-term and long-term cognitive function.

Upcoming Programs