The Thrilling Third Day

Today, when we came to camp, we went around Audubon Park with beautiful weather and lovely sights. After we took our walk, we got a nutritious and delicious snack while we work on our vision boards. We presented them in a gallery walk. A gallery walk is when people look at things on the wall an talk about them.


Then Mrs. Tinashe introduced us to the genius hour. We also watched a cool inspirational video about perseverance to get us motivated about our projects:

In genius hour, you work on any project you want (with a partner or by yourself ) for an hour each day. We will present the genius hour projects on June 26, 2015 at the Lakeside Mall near the Microsoft store. Join us from 6 to 8 pm on that day to see our amazing work!

After that we had lunch, we went in the Fellowship Hall to dance/exercise with Ms. Renee, who also taught us about eating healthy and cutting down on sugar in our diets. Genius Camp is AWESOME!

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